Cardiff City have been narrowly relegated yet again and for no other reason than a handful of decisions going against them.

The club, relegated after only being in the Premier League for one season for the second time, also had every referee conspiring against them, the theft of any atmosphere among fans and a weird gammon manager.

Liverpool, but occasional Cardiff supporter Pete Bowen from Splott said: “It’s an absolute travesty that I’ve lost out on watching Liverpool in my home club stadium again.

“If we hadn’t let those five in at home to Watford we’d have won one nil. Or if we hadn’t played so terribly against already relegated Fulham and had a few shots on target we could’ve scored some more than them.

“Frustratingly close and everyone else’s fault.”

Theresa Connell from Roath said: “It’s sad really because I won’t support them now unless they come back up again. I’ll go back to following Man City I expect.

“Neil Warnock did a fantastic job at imitating a petulant teenager this season, fair play. None of this is down to us not being good enough for this league from top to bottom though. It’s obviously because everyone’s against us; why else would he act like such a cock?

“The other week Nathan Blake said we could be as big as Newcastle so that’s good. He should know as well because he did well for us in the third division.”

Cardiff based reporter Rob Gray said: “I’m neutral of course and report with equal enthusiasm on all Welsh clubs. But this year Cardiff played some outstanding, fantasy football stuff.

“Man United have recently been modelling themselves on Cardiff by not managing many shots on target in their games. That’s a huge compliment to us.

“We can look back at this Cardiff team as the greatest Welsh Premier League side, just pipping Cardiff’s brave and cultured 2013/14 squad.”