A woman who posted “wot times Tesco open on bank holidays monday guys please share xxxx” on Facebook was abruptly told to use a well known search engine.

27 year old Theresa Connell from the Waun Wen area of the city said that she had a feeling Bank Holiday opening hours were different and ‘literally’ just wanted to check with friends what the state of play was.

Theresa said: “Oh my God like. I’m not working on Monday because of the banks holidays and because I’ll be hanging out of arse with a hangover I wanted to know if I’d be able to buy three bags of picked onion Monster Munch from Tescos or not.

“Like, I’m not working so Tescos might not be working either. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to get some clarity on this and for me to be able to enjoy having loads of Facebook notifications when people reply and share.

“My post had only been up three minutes when one of my friends, who’s blocked now, told me to just Google it. Rude.”

Unreasonable friend Pete Bowen said: “She’s always posting ridiculous stuff that you can just find out via Google. Does the LC2 have a swimming pool? Is there parking at the beach? Do I need an appointment to go to the GUM clinic?

“I should’ve deleted her ages ago but she’s got some great bikini pics from when she went to Magaluf in 2016 which I like to check in on sometimes when I’m bored and alone.

“In the time she typed her post she could’ve found it all out on Google. She also added one of those really bright backgrounds to the post so she probably could’ve found it twice.

“Asking for it to be shared just tipped me over the edge.”

Theresa added: “Are there any buses running guys?”