People with an axe to grind or who just enjoy to respond to headlines which don’t paint a full picture, are making out that the council are selling land on the seafront to Donald Trump so that he can build a giant wall to block out the view.

The responses have been made following a prior information notice request from the council, seeking feedback on an idea they’ve had to help retain income lost from the massively successful Tory austerity programme; income which is generally used to pay for things like care for vulnerable people.

Mayals resident Pete Bowen said: “I saw the headline. I interpreted it as the council handing our land over to porn producers who like to build big tower blocks, so I don’t need to read the actual facts or council produced FAQs.

“I expect my council to ask for feedback through official channels before they ‘probably’ build a McDonald’s which will be visible from Devon so they can earn a few quid paying for nonsense like ‘social care’. Social care? What a yawn fest.

“This ‘consultation’ which is for information only from residents does none of this.”

Uplands resident Theresa Connell said: “All the revenue we earn from tourism in Mumbles occurs in the seconds of view people have as they drive through West Cross on their way in.

“What if they put an ice cream stall there outside of sunset and sunrise times? It’d completely spoil the view and we’d lose millions.

“I think a small and tasteful activity park would be nice, but I have no ability to suggest this at all in this open to public consultation. So I’m just going to post angry comments for likes on the Swansea Online Facebook article.”

Council spokesperson Rob Gray said: “We have an ageing population who need care, we’re trying to house families and invest in education. But the Tory Government have cut everything.

“We thought we’d look at some suggestions from the public because apparently all of our ideas are terrible. But it turns out asking the public was a terrible idea too.

“You can literally say “don’t do anything” or give us a unique and tasteful idea to help to stop us raising council tax, which no one likes either.”