Benidorm has responded to a quote from a Swansea Councillor by wondering what the f**k is wrong with Benidorm.

Benidorm tourism spokesperson, Pedro Bowen, made the comments after city councillor Robert Francis-Davies suggested that ‘nobody would want to see a Benidorm-type development’ on the Swansea Bay seafront.

Senor Bowen said: “Erm, why are you dragging us into this in such a negative light? Oh you wish West Cross looked as good as we do.

“Millions of people come to us every year, about three times more than you, and we have about a third of the population. Have you seen our resorts? They’re a tad more upmarket than your rooms by the hour.

“Nice f**king lido by the way. Loving the Guantanamo Bay fencing you have around it again this year. It’s really welcoming.”

Senor Bowen continued: “Apologies, maybe I’m being harsh. Our top of the range water park with marine animal centre has nothing on your stinking lido. You can park for free there too.

“Loads of lovely free parking. Not that parking is a major whinging point for you lot or anything. Right?”

Mumbles resident Theresa Connell said: “I can’t believe that ten high rise hotel blocks are being built in the next month. It’s happening because Facebook said it was.

“This is really going to hurt my unique business idea of charging a grand a week to rent out my tiny fisherman’s cottage on AirBnb.”

Senor Bowen added: “Enjoy your summer of two weeks of 20 degree weather you ignorant bastards. See you on Playa de Levante in August. Is it?”