Swansea City’s manager Graham Potter has surprisingly decided to take a better job at a Premier League club who won’t pull the rug from under his feet to save a few quid, the prick.

Potter guided the Swans to 10th in the Championship this season, which in perspective was 11 places lower than the club’s position when Bob Bradley was sacked.

Club spokesperson Pete Bowen said: “Graham’s done a great job for the club since he’s been here and in very difficult circumstances.

“There were options for the club to provide some reassurances for him to stay and perhaps help him to push for promotion next year. But two million quid is two million quid, it makes commercial sense.

“With Graham gone we can offload a few of our better quality players now too. Watch us turn that £2m in £10m when we get rid of Dan James.

“Who needs the hassle of promotion? This is Harvard Business School stuff.”

City fan Theresa Connell said: “I just don’t understand why a good coach would want to leave a club who have no plans to invest in him?

“I’d have thought the mood within the club would’ve been quite buoyant at the moment. The owners even gave all the staff personalised letters not so long ago.

“What a traitor.”

Club spokesperson Bowen added: “Anyone got a different number for Alan Curtis? His mobiles off.”