A fridge which has been left outside a property on Mansel Street owes £2,000 in unpaid council tax, Swansea Council have confirmed.

The fridge, which a rival news outlet have branded ‘part of the furniture of Mansel Street’ may have blended in to its surroundings, but still has responsibilities towards contributing towards the budgets of vital services.

Revenues Section spokesperson Theresa Connell said: “We’re pleased an article was run about this rogue who is clearly one of those fridges who thinks local authorities pay for social care with half a box of Birds Eye Potato Waffles.

“I hope it likes letters in brown envelopes being slipped inside its salad compartment because it’s going to have letters in brown envelopes slipped inside its salad compartment.

“That’s actually a fun saying that we have in the department.”

Fridge Pete Bowen said: “I’m disappointed that the article points out that at least one woman is fed up of the site of me.

“It ain’t easy being freezy.”

Bowen continued: “The Council have me on some technicalities though. You have to be 18 to pay council tax and while I was only bought 6 years ago, I’m actually 25 in fridge years.

“I’m also on private land. I have friends who live on the front gardens of council houses who get off scot-free, but because I’m making a go of things on my own I’m being punished.

“I bet those Beko fridges just come over here and get it all for free though.”