A leaked email has revealed that the Mayals Road closure is actually a pilot scheme to stop people from West Cross using the plush area as a through road to their council looking houses.

The leaked exchange alludes to Mayals residents’ disdain at having to share a road with people whose ‘houses are in excess of £200k cheaper than ours’.

Mayals resident Pete Bowen said: “I’m not ashamed that this has been leaked.

“My wealthy parents left me this large home from the money they made out of overcharging rent on ex-Council houses in West Cross that they picked up for next to nothing.

“Free market on our side. Morrison’s market street on theirs. Those markets just should not meet in day to day life.”

Theresa Connell of Owls Lodge Lane said: “The pilot will measure the impact of the closure and then an access only pilot stage will begin for people who don’t drive Corsas or Fiestas, with or without a ‘Zetec’ badge.

“I’m OK where I am. But there’s some people who look out of their bedroom windows who have to endure a view of houses with a corrugated metal cover. And not the Grand Designs type either.

“I noticed on snooty neighbourhood social networking site ‘Nextdoor’ the other day that someone was reprimanded on Mayals Green wearing grey tracksuit bottoms and black trainers. What becomes of my property value if this were to catch on?”

West Cross resident Rob Gray said: “People think it’s easy living down here. The reality is that we’re not accepted by the SA3 community because our houses are often council or ex-council.

“We’re also not accepted by the council and ex-council house community because we live in SA3.

“As disappointing as all of this is, the children of Mayals residents spend loads on the poor quality drugs we sell and think we’re really hard when actually we’d fall apart in Penlan.”