A quiet and apparently squeaky clean company accountant has accidentally provided colleagues with an insight into his murky private life after leaving his filthy mug in the communal kitchen.

Swansea Housing Association finance worker Pete Bowen, 47, has become the subject of much speculation at his workplace where he’d built a reputation as a no nonsense numbers man.

Colleague Theresa Connell said: “I’ve worked with Pete for six years and have always held him in high regard as a principled, methodical worker.

“When I saw the mug, which looked like it had grown its own life forms, the last person I thought would be responsible was honest, clean Pete.

“Now I think he defecates on his wife for pleasure.”

Housing Officer Rob Gray said: “Pete carries himself well considering he has a mug that would you give you a terminal illness if you drank from it.

“To think I took such great advice from him last year over consolidating my personal finances. I feel so dirty and used. That calculator he used could’ve been in crevices.”

Bowen said: “I admit that I’ve been a bit lazy with my work mug but between my family, my work and my extensive volunteering it just slipped my mind.

“I feel like I’ve lost the respect of everyone and that makes me sad to the point where I’m barely aroused anymore when I sniff the seats in the ladies toilets.”