A Treboeth man has incorrectly assumed that his wife will have sex with him today because it’s Father’s Day.

41 year old Dad of three Pete Bowen, who has been ‘preparing’ for the event by trimming his pubic hair, will end the day as he started it when he received another Dad mug, disappointed.

Bowen said: “Father’s Day today. Or as I like to call it, sex day.

“I’m bound to get some today, of all days. Having sex is my reward for my share of looking after the children I co-created with that woman I married.

“When it was Mother’s Day I was fully prepared to put out and its fair to assume the Mrs feels the same today.

Pete’s wife Theresa said: “Gross. It was sex that got us into this parenting mess in the first place, so it’s the last thing on my mind.

“I’m not shagging him, he’s not my Dad. Anyway, we did it in February.”

Pete and Theresa’s son Frankie added: “Daddy keeps talking about his “real present” but I don’t know what that is and now Mummy’s pretending to have a migraine.”