Following the announcement of its return, parents who attended the early Escape in the Park events are trying to explain their fondness for it to their children without sounding like ecstasy guzzling mentalists.

The now parents, in their 20s and 30s in 2000 when the first event happened, have spent the last week trying to explain to their children why they’ll be staying with Grandparents until ‘suicide Tuesday is over and done with’ next July.

Ex raver Pete Bowen, 40, said: “Oh man, I can’t believe EITP is coming back. Last time I was in there I was so off my tits I managed to lock myself in a portaloo for two hours.

“I tried to explain to my 9 year old how I was fine in the end because I had all my mates’ drugs with me. I must’ve done about 15 pills all in all.”

Mum of three Theresa Connell said: “I last went in 2004. I remember wearing a Welsh flag on my vest top and hot pants and a gurn like an upside down banana.

“When my children heard me being excited about the event next year I gathered them around me and I told them about how the event made Mammy happy and dance lots.

“I didn’t mention the double dropping and the 40 sniffs of poppers I took to help me come up.”

Room 1 legend Rob Gray said: “I told my kids it was a party for grown ups with funfair rides.

“I just didn’t mention that after necking a load of gurners I used to be absolutely Ian Rushing coming off those rides.

“I’m an accountant now and a responsible Dad, so I’ll avoid contact with my children next year until it’s all out of my system on the following Thursday.”