Prince Charles has used his visit to Swansea to celebrate 50 years’ city status to claim another bridge in his name.

The next in line to the throne visited the city to celebrate the anniversary of the dumping of ‘town’ from our name, which coincided with another special milestone for the Prince – his beloved Diana’s 58th birthday which would have been on Monday.

Council official Pete Bowen said: “It was a momentous occasion, but Charles has certainly become bridge hungry since the renaming of the Severn Bridge.

“We were in Victoria Park where he was meeting people who do genuinely great things in tough circumstances when he leaned over to my colleague Theresa and whispered “I wish to commandeer the nearest bridge”.”

Pete’s colleague Theresa Connell said: “I wouldn’t say he wanted to get the meet and greets over and done with, but I could tell his real interest was in adding another Welsh bridge to his expanding portfolio.

“We took him to see the base of the bridge and then to see the rest of it down the road on the promenade. He liked the way it was separated that way because it reminded him of a deconstructed banoffee pie.”

Royal spokesperson Rob Gray added: “This will only cost the local taxpayers £500k.

“It’s slightly more than the signage for the old Severn Bridge because we have to add the Roman numerals and each ‘I’ costs just over £140k.

“It’s like someone found out that we’ll pay ridiculous amounts of money to rename a bridge or something.”

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