Contributed by Nathan Lewis @nathdavidlewis on Twitter

Theresa Connell, 40, has written a formal text to Swansea Council to express her disappointment with this weekend’s Air Show.

It’s believed her disappointment stemmed from a fundamental misunderstanding as to the purpose of the event.

The mother of three said, “I was really excited when Linda up the road told me about the air show down Swansea Bay. ‘Finally, something for me’ I thought! We packed the car and raced down, and what did we find? Planes. Bloody planes.”

Miss Connell of Cwmbwrla reportedly had to be given a chair to sit on, such was her surprise at the turn of events. A witness at the scene said, “It was very odd. She was inconsolable. I’ve never seen such a violent reaction to planes. Especially not someone dressed as Cinderella.”

Close to tears, Theresa said, “I should have known I suppose. You don’t often see thousands of people gathering to look at wigs and toupees.

“Silly me, really. Hopefully I’ll have better luck at the Carmarthen Hair Show next week instead.”