A supporter of Brexit has decided that everything he disagrees with is now ‘project fear’. Including his wife.

Port Tennant man Pete Bowen, 47, is reported to have called his wife ‘project fear’ during a row last night, adding her name to a growing list of things he calls by the same name.

Bowen said: “Theresa said she’d leave me if I continued to be a bigoted arsehole who refused to accept there was anything wrong in our relationship. That’s project fear, because Pete is the best she can get.

“She also implied that she doesn’t need me more than I need her. This is project fear because she wouldn’t have housework to do if it weren’t for me.”

Pete’s wife Theresa said: “This all started when Pete tried to enter my backstop citing that we should “get on with it before the border control kicks in.”

“Ever since then he just walks away from me when I ask him to do something he doesn’t want to do, because “that’s the best way to get something done”.

“I mentioned to him that the price of petrol may go up soon and he just called me project fear and that everything was project fear.”

Bowen added: “Project fear is everywhere nowadays so I’m not surprised that Theresa is too because I know everything without having to learn about it first.

“Theresa packed her bag to leave me earlier but that’s project fear, she’s probably just treating me to a nice holiday and is packing for that.”