The fire at the Palace Theatre on High Street yesterday may have been caused by ghosts, investigators have confirmed.

The oddly shaped building and blot on the High Street landscape, only became famous in the when it hosted UK garage nights.

Former clubber Pete Bowen said: “The Palace was built sometime in the late 1980s and lay empty until someone decided to play the Artful Dodger in there.

“I had some great nights in there and it was good to see this eyesore building finally being used to its potential – by hosting people who were off their tits and dancing to garage music.

“When the nights finished and the venue was closed down it was said to be haunted by MCs who refused to give up on their garage dream and end up working in the DVLA.”

Ex Palace regular Theresa Connell added: “I bet it was the ghost of Trudy Knight from the garage classic by DJ Luck and MC Neat.

“I never understood what it meant when it said “With a little bit of luck we could make it Trudy Knight”, but I was off my pickle so none of it made sense.”