Prime Minister Boris Johnson has reached out to Cwm Albion Colts to seek advice on how to deal with seven straight defeats.

The Cwm, currently bottom of Division 3 of the Swansea Senior League having played and lost 7, confirmed that the PM made an official approach to the club yesterday.

Club Secretary Pete Bowen said: “The last correspondence I had from a number 10 was when our centre forward Rob messaged me to explain why he was 3 weeks behind on his subs.

“I’m not going to lie, to see it was from Downing Street was a shock! But to think someone with that level of responsibility has sought advice from us is quite funny.”

Downing Street spokesperson Theresa Connell said: “Prime Minister Johnson is a record breaking leader. No one has lost as many of their first votes as he has and that’s not something you can achieve by yourself.

“We have a damage limitation department responsible for Tory incompetence, which is growing every day because we create jobs, and we identified that Cwm Albion Colts has also lost as many times as the PM so we thought we’d get some advice.

“This is perfectly normal given the state of UK politics so I don’t really see what the issue is.”

Cwm Secretary Bowen added: “It’s flattering that Mr Johnson wants some advice but we’re quite different to him.

“We’re a decent group of honest lads who turn up every week and have a go because we love what we do. Maybe that’s the advice that prick needs actually.”