A group of Swansea lads who are heading to Wind Street tonight and styling themselves like the Peaky Blinders characters, are completely unaware that they’ll look like bellends.

The friends, aged between 26 and 27, came up with the idea of dressing like the Shelby’s from the popular BBC series while watching Series 5 and having confused thoughts about Cillian Murphy.

Pete Bowen, 26, said: “Peaky Blinders is a great show and me and the boys reckon we can pull off the style then pull all the birds.

“Fortunately we’ve all got shit skin fade haircuts already because let’s face it, we’re from Swansea.”

Mate Rob Gray, 27, said: “Pete came up with the idea when we was having a smoke and watching it. So the next day I bought badly fitting cheap clothes that partly resemble those from the show.

“Just like Arthur Shelby would have done had Primark been a thing back then.”

Bowen continued: “I’ve started calling Rob ‘brother’ like Tommy does to Arthur on the show. I’ve splashed out £40 on an ASOS suit because I want to look classy, none of this Primark nonsense.

“It’s our other mate who I feel sorry for because he’s doesn’t get paid until next week so he’s going to look more like Curly the stable boy. He sounds like him too because he’s from Penclawdd.”

Clubber Theresa Connell said: “Oh good, more Swansea boys trying to look stylish in cheap tweed outfits. That’s just what we need.

“I don’t think Tommy Shelby would be grinding against women in Peppermint and trying to get me back to his Mam’s house for a disappointing fumble in his single bed.”