A Clase man who planned to win £167m on the Euromillions last night is having to rethink the life plan he drew up as he was dozing off to sleep last night.

Baffled Carpenter Pete Bowen, 34, said he had ‘already committed’ much of the winnings in his mind and that his whole future was now in jeopardy having only matched one number across the five tickets he’d bought.

Bowen said: “You plan, plan and plan some more and then life throws you a curveball like not winning £167m.

“Between 22:42 and 23:14 last night I’d made all the necessary arrangements in my head and even made a deal with God to donate to some charity nonsense.

“I’m struggling to cope with this massive change this morning.”

Bowen continued: “My wife wants another baby, but of course had I won last night I’d have left her. So it’s impacting terribly on my family life.

“Then there’s the caravan on Trecco Bay I enquired about last night. How will I explain that to the owners?”

Bowen’s wife Theresa added: “I haven’t seen Pete this despondent since he failed to win the £162m jackpot on Tuesday.”