Welsh supporters who went out last night and stayed awake for the 8am kick off have been given special thanks from the WRU for their dedication.

The fans, branded as ‘warriors’ by the WRU, will have avoided sleep as part of the massive bender and be right off their boxes this morning, singing the national anthem against a backdrop of deep trance.

WRU spokesperson Pete Bowen said: “To all those people neck deep in the sesh, the boys are playing for you this morning.

“Knowing there’s Welsh fans who’ve partied all night long for us will really drive us forward over here in Japan. I hope you see that when you’re watching the game through one eye this morning because you’re so wrecked.”

Sesh head Rob Gray said: “I went out at 3pm yesterday and have worked my way through Orangeboom, vodka, coke (in different forms) and a big bag of ketamine.

“I’m smashed this morning. But I’m doing it for Wales like.”

Mangled Theresa Connell said: “I’m still going strong. I have an upside down smile on my face, I’m chewing my lips off, but the adrenaline and party prescriptions have me proper fired up mush.

“I been up the offy to gets some cider at 7am because I’m a patriot and the Welsh dragon told me to do it.”

WRU man Bowen added: “Alun Wyn Jones will deliver a number of motivational talks for the lads this morning based on what you’ve given for your country over the last 24 hours.

“Thank you, all of you, for your commitment to your country.”