A Treboeth man has lashed out at teenage environmental activist Greta Thunberg before playing PlayStation games where he’ll verbally abuse minors online all night.

Mechanic Dad of three Pete Bowen made the comments in response to Jeremy Clarkson’s assessment of the 16 year old in credible news source The Sun.

Bowen said: “I agree with Jeremy on this. She should go back to school in Sweden and be thankful to grown ups like me for making her world a better place.

“She’s far better off trying to get her GCSE in Swedish than ‘having a voice’. I only want to read about her in The Sun if she’s Rear of the Year or something.”

Bowen continued: “I’ve come across her type before when I leave my family after tea to play games online all night. I threaten those children with violence and I’ll do the same to her.

“I’m building a diverse and essential set of skills thanks to gaming. I win wars and get Wrexham to the quarter finals of the European Cup before Wednesday most weeks. What’s she doing?”

Bowen’s daughter Theresa, 16, said: “It’s hard to know who to take inspiration from. A man who tells me to ‘grab him a beer like a good girl because I’m busy playing FIFA’ or Greta Thunberg.

“One is a spoilt, self-centred person who should know their place and is afraid of dealing with facts and the other one is Greta.”

Bowen added: “I’ve just ruined a game for a couple of young people playing online.

“Some people call it ‘cyber bullying’ but I just think it’s the natural order.”