Dogs across Swansea have claimed ownership of all the beaches for the next seven months.

The four legged friends celebrated their return to beaches, including Langland and Caswell, by running around in random directions with their tongues hanging out as the summer dog ban came to an end.

Poodle Pete Bowen said: “Great to be on Langland beach again mush. I would say thanks for looking after the place but you’re a disgusting breed of plastic littering scummers.

“Great to see some of the lads again though. I nipped over donkey rock and seen my puppa Rob, shocking haircut on him but there are worse ways to be groomed.

“There’s nothing better than having the sand between your paws and sniffing some salt water ass.”

Rough Collie Rob Gray said: “My owners have been taking me on walks over the cliffs and it’s been hell looking down on the beaches to see you all sunbathing.

“It’s been like watching livestock dressed in Sports Direct clothes slow cooking on a spit roast.”

Terrier Theresa Connell added: “I pissed all over Port Eynon yesterday morning so good luck trying an autumn walk down there because it’s officially mine now. I don’t make the rules you know.

“I’m looking forward to the beaches being rid of empty cans of Strongbow Dark Fruits over the coming months and enjoying nice clean beaches until the humans return next May.”