A poll conducted by The Daily Swansea has revealed the top things locals miss in the city and want back as soon as possible.

Daily Swansea pole Piotr Bowyn issued a series of questions to residents in order to discover what people really want to return to the city in 2019.

Bowyn fed back: “We felt it was vitally important for the people to have their say on which ‘jewels of Swansea’s crown’ should return one day.

“In order for us to get a reliable response from the public we asked them to tell us that if money and use of common sense weren’t an issue, what would you want to bring back.”

Bowyn continued: “We were anticipating the empty train between Mumbles and the LC2, as well as that pointless bridge no one ever really used after the 1940s.

“We always felt that the third option would be the most realistic one, from people who were giving carefully considered responses.”

Poll responder Theresa Connell said: “There are the obvious things like the train, the bridge and Roger Freestone. But I think a big void was left when meow left and a lot of us want it back.

“They were the real glory days, when the meow was pure and austerity was an Etonian pipe dream.”

Bowyn added: “As the ‘Save the Swansea Slip Bridge’ Facebook page has such a positive following we’ll be setting up a page in response to this feedback.

“Make sure you follow the ‘Swansea Meow Now’ group as soon as it’s set up. It’s the will of the people.”