Coleen Rooney has been employed by Swansea Council to help fix the ongoing problems on the Kingsway.

Council officials contacted Mrs Rooney to offer her the position this morning following her work outing an Instagram account that was leaking stories to The Sun.

Council spokesperson Pete Bowen said: “It’s clear that Coleen has the ability to resolve a number of issues that our staff can’t. She’s cheaper than the monthly lease on the mayors car too.

“I don’t know if she’ll need to find out if there’s anyone within the council leaking stories to the Evening Post, or if the Kingsway has just been an obvious mess.”

Bowen continued: “Her remit is really to focus on why we’ve made the road so narrow and to try and find a way to make that work ahead of us digging it back up again to expand it.

“She’ll be in charge of recruitment too, identifying anyone cutting corners and not pulling their weight.

“I don’t think she takes any prisoners and is clearly astute. Now we know how Wayne always gets caught.”