Visit Swansea have helpfully published the tide times for Cardiff fans visiting the city tomorrow.

The tide times have been released to help Bluebird fans who like to run into the sea on derby day and swim towards Port Talbot, in what’s become a tradition for visitors from the capital.

Tourism Manager Pete Bowen said: “It’s been nearly five years since we welcomed Cardiff to the Liberty and unfortunately we humiliated them, so we should make amends.

“We didn’t get to play them last year, but to be fair they didn’t need us to humiliate them because they took care of that themselves.”

Bowen continued: “Its important that, as a city, we respect the traditions of visiting fans and this has been a long standing one for over 30 years.

“The forecast shows that around the kick off time the tide will be out, so they’ll have to run quite some distance before they can start to swim away. Either that or they can head into the Tawe.

“To help we’re going to provide some old North Bank heads on the beach to make simulated swimming motions though.”

Cardiff fan Rob Gray said: “This is useful information as I won’t be alone on the day.

“I’m travelling down to the game with a family member and my lover, but I’m only paying for two tickets as the latter two are the same person.”