A couple who’ve spent the last few years telling social media how much of a perfect couple they are have publicly split up.

30 year old Morriston couple Pete Bowen and Theresa Connell, who branded themselves ‘Swansea’s Posh and Becks’, spent the time they were together feigning happiness though pouting, in between shagging other people.

Pete said: “We had it all. Or rather she had it all. She won’t find another man in Swansea with a wardrobe full of Burton three piece suits and a terrible hairstyle like me.

“I think it probably went wrong when she found out I was sleeping with her friend and she was sleeping with mine. But I can’t be sure.

“Obviously I put up an ambiguous Facebook post because I’m thirsty for attention and we broke up where we started, on social media.”

Theresa said: “We spent our evenings preparing for Facebook pictures then sitting on separate sofas separately thanking everyone for telling us how perfect we were.

“I don’t know where it went wrong. We were living the dream.

“My friends think we didn’t ‘communicate’ enough, but I liked and shared all his Facebook pictures where I looked hot in them.”

Facebook friend Rob Gray said: “Thank God I don’t have to scroll past that nonsense anymore. If you have to tell everyone how wonderful you are then it’s probably falling apart.

“Whenever we saw them when we were out they’d argue all night, then post a pouty picture and sickeningly cheesy caption with a bottle of Grey Goose which they’d stolen from someone else’s table.

“Call me old fashioned but that doesn’t work for me and my Mrs.”