Campaigners from political parties have kicked off a four week long game of bobby knocking around Swansea.

The giant game, also being played across the UK, involves incumbent and hopeful MPs and their teams knocking on doors then pushing a leaflet through the door and running off before you can answer it.

Lib Dem candidate Pete Bowen said: “The best bit about politics is being out and about, on the ground, knocking doors…and then bloody pegging it before someone asks a question.

“Sometimes you can get caught up in a political bubble and spend a lot of time forging ‘out of office’ replies to people. Swerving people in person feels a lot more grass roots.”

Labour candidate Theresa Connell said: “It’s wonderful we’ve had so many volunteers this year, but campaigns start so quickly with these snap elections you don’t always get time to vet how quickly these people can run away.

“I was in grave danger of having to explain myself in Mount Pleasant earlier. Not what I signed up for!”

Conservative & Brexit Party candidate Rob Gray said: “We don’t go knocking anymore. We’ve got a Russian lad on the books who’s a whizz at making shit up on a computer which people are actually thick enough believe.

“He knocks out a picture and then I stick it on social media muttering some bollocks about how ‘positive it’s been on the door step’ or whatever.”