The proposed skatepark in Mumbles being threatened to not go ahead because of manipulative rich people and lies on flyers is just so 2019.

The skatepark, planned to be developed on the seafront, has been largely supported by residents. In recent weeks however, wealthy people have begun to grumble about it and falsehoods have been printed on literature to deceive locals which means everyone else needs to tow the line.

Supporter Pete Bowen said: “So wealthy people are hoping to remove an opportunity for younger people and are prepared to cheat to get their way? How come everything’s coming over all Brexit nowadays?

“According to some of the comments I’ve read on the planning site, we’ll never ever be able to develop anything in Swansea again unless there are toilets and car parks within 10 yards of everyone and a first aider on the scene 24/7.”

Skater Theresa Connell said: “People get angry when I’m staying in the house then they get angry when I’m going out for a skate.

“There’s toilets just down the prom, which we can walk or skate to. We don’t need to park anywhere, because there are buses and skateboards. Citing first aid as an issue almost makes them sound like they care for our welfare.

“They’ve got the nerve to call us snowflakes too. Look in the mirror!”

Resident Rob Gray said: “I have a massive house which means I’ve earned the right to be a massive pain in the arse.

“Skateparks are fantastic, I’m sure, more so when they’re about 15 miles away from my property. The odd gentle bit of propaganda never hurt anyone anyway, as a result of lies the homeless and food bank community is flourishing.

“I don’t want anyone parking outside my property unless I’m hosting a party for loads of bellends, then it’s fine for the road to be blocked.

“I’m also all about protecting green space, unless you’d like to sell it to me so I can develop it for profit? I could even use the skaters as cheap labour?”