A man from Killay who hates boxing has managed to navigate his way through another night out with the lads watching the Joshua/Ruiz fight.

Hospital Administrator Pete Bowen, 36, has been watching boxing with his friends for the last 18 years. However none of them have any idea he’d rather be at home with a glass of wine and a box set.

Pete said: “One of the boys was talking about AJ’s shape, whoever he is, so I said something about his ‘physique helping him focus’ which by chance was an OK thing to say because no one called me a dickhead.

“It’s not easy maintaining my terrible secret. I’ve stayed up until 5am before now, even chipping in money to watch a fight that lasted all of two minutes and trying to look enthusiastic when all I want to do is go to bed with a good book.

“The boys take it seriously, discussing how much these men weigh and incorrectly predicting how and when they’ll ‘go down’. All I want to do is highlight the associated health problems that come with being repeatedly punched in the face.

“The worse part is all the pictures the boys take of themselves when there’s a boxing game on. They hold fists up as if they’re actual boxers and look like bellends, when they couldn’t throw a decent ball let alone a punch.

“I’m in too deep. I don’t even know the difference between Rocky and Rambo.”