A creepy man in his late 40s is using the festive season to unleash his inappropriateness on work colleagues.

IT Helpdesk Officer Pete Bowen, 48, has seized the opportunity to build on his usual man spreading and lingering glares at younger female colleagues behaviour, with his efforts not going unnoticed.

Bowen said: “I’ve found a sense of freedom since the divorce came through and the girls in the office really dig me.

“Who wouldn’t want a distinguished older gentleman in their personal space? And at Christmas I like to give a little extra.”

Colleague Theresa Connell, 27, said: “Pete takes things too far at the best of times but he’s another level at Christmas.

“We were having an innocent conversation about Christmas dinner the other day and he waded in by saying he had a Christmas cracker I could pull.

“Also, who walks into their place of work on Christmas jumper day yelling ‘Merry Sexmas’?”

Administrator Cheryl Gray, 31, said: “Christmas jumpers can be tacky, we all get that, there’s no need wear one with ‘tickle my baubles’ on it. There’s certainly no need to explain to all of us it’s ‘in reference to my bollocks’.

“At the Christmas party last night he was trying grind on us and even slut dropped at one point.”

HR Manager Rob Gray adder: “Christmas 2017 was a verbal warning; 2018 was a written warning and 2019 is time to say goodbye to the jingle bellend.”