A woman who’s concerned that her boyfriend may cheat on her has bought him Superdry clothing for Christmas to act as a deterrent for other women.

27 year old Theresa Connell has invested nearly £300 in dreadful jumpers, joggers and coats but feels the investment is worth it as her boyfriend Pete will look like too big a bellend to attract female attention.

Theresa said: “I like Pete but I’ve been cheated on before by men who dress well, so I figured I’d buy loads of Superdry clothes for him.

“It’s a drastic measure and it means I’ll have to be seen out with him looking really generic. But it’s a risk I’m prepared to take because finding ‘the one’ in Swansea is hard work.

“I was going to buy him Gym Kings branded clothing too but I couldn’t do that to him.”

Pete said: “I hope Theresa hasn’t bought me too many presents because I’m spending the day with my real bird and our kid.”