A racist Winch Wen Nan is to hold court during this year’s Christmas Day celebrations for the final time.

Nan Theresa Connell, energised by a positive year which ended with a racist Prime Minister, will tackle a broad range of issues across the day with a new found creative licence.

Theresa said: “It’s likely to be my final year on God’s green planet, mainly down to uncontrolled immigration and not because of my fifty year 40 a day Regal habit like they’ll have you believe.

“If any of my snowflake grandchildren attempt to contradict my teachings throughout the day, I shall patronise them by telling them they don’t know the ‘truth’ and I won’t elaborate any further on what that is.

“It’s Christ’s day and he would’ve wanted us to carry out racist slurs like the good white Brexit supporting Christians we are.”

Grandson Pete Bowen said: “I’m expecting this year to be worse than last Christmas’ fall out when Nan refused to eat sprouts because of their links to Brussels.”