A Pontarddulais woman who tried to discard a naff Pandora bracelet that she had for Christmas has had it returned to her after a Facebook appeal.

31 year old Theresa Connell was unfortunately reunited with the terrible piece of jewellery after it was handed in by criminals who didn’t want to sell it due to not wanting to be associated with it.

Theresa said: “My new boyfriend did what my last boyfriend and the boyfriend before that did and bought me an awful mass produced Pandora bracelet for Christmas.

“Me and my boyfriend Pete went sales shopping a couple of days ago and I subtly dropped it on the floor by St Mary’s Church and assumed that’d be the end of it.

“I ended up being tagged in a Facebook message saying it had been found because I’d pretended to be sad about ‘losing’ it and put a status update up about it.”

Criminal Rob Gray said: “I was prowling around looking for someone to mug when I saw something shine in the distance.

“I was excited but then I saw it was one of those terrible Pandora things and handed it in anonymously so no one would think I’d want to have one on me.”

Theresa’s boyfriend Pete said: “What a relief! I’d actually bought that for my ex Mrs who threw it back in my face, but I didn’t return it in time.

“I wouldn’t ever want to join one of those long queues again or have to use my imagination to buy something good.”