The parents of a 3 year old who hoped that lots of new Christmas toys would finally rid their lives of ‘hide and seek’ have been left disappointed.

Parents Pete Bowen and Theresa Connell from Brynmill invested heavily in toys which they hoped would capture son Frankie’s imagination enough to stop him from interacting with them.

Pete said: “Nothing ruins your day, no your life, than hide and seek with a 3 year old.

“We provided a mound of presents this year. Games, an iPad, books, you name it.”

Mum Theresa said: “Hide and seek is a game to play with grandparents or friends, not that he’ll ever make any because he can’t hide, or count to ten.

“If you could’ve seen my face when I was making dinner and he asked to play hide and seek, it was redder than Rudolph’s nose mun.”

Frankie said: “When it comes to hide and seek I can personally take it or leave it.

“My parents do a lot for me, often the bare minimum, so I feel guilty that Santa takes all the credit for the cool toys.

“I’m just giving them this before I start to be parented properly by Ryan from YouTube.”