The #DecadeChallenge currently trending on social media, where people post a picture of themselves from 2010 and one as they go into 2020, has revealed a common theme – the extensive use of filters on selfies in 2019.

The pictures, which show people nearly 10 years older with less wrinkles, different coloured eyes and surrounded by stars, have swept the internet over the last 24 hours with thirsty-for-likes grown ups posting their most recent digitally edited pics.

39 year old Theresa Connell said: “I jumped right on this because nowadays my iPhone can make me look 21 if I need it to.

“I found the worse possible picture of myself from 2010, which was of me walking home from a Townhill house party off my chops, then one I’d prepared yesterday on Adobe Photoshop Express.

“34 likes I had. A new record. Some t**t even said I was ‘beautiful inside and out’ which is definitely not true.”

44 year old Pete Bowen said: “This decade challenge is doing my midlife crisis the world of good.

“It’s been a great opportunity to see how I’ve matured from a balding, wrinkling 34 year old into a foxy 40-something with just some minor tweaks.

“I posted my first challenge yesterday but some of the younger ladies in the office must have missed it because they didn’t like it, so I’ll throw it up again today so they don’t miss out.”

32 year old Cheryl Gray said: “I can’t believe how thin my lips were and how awful my hair was back then! How ugly was I? Clearly being in your early 20s is when you look your worse in your life.

“By adjusting the angle of the camera and adding a few touches I look loads better, I’m even tanned now. Well not in real life.

“I deleted my fiancé’s comment about how I should be ‘done under the Trade Descriptions Act’ though.”