A Sales Negotiator at a Swansea estate agency is relieved to get back to work today so that she can put her feet up and do nothing again.

Theresa Connell, 33, made the admission following yet another festive Bank Holiday where she was forced to ‘do things’ in the day with her family.

Theresa said: “Some people love being off work but I don’t, it’s hard work compared to my usual 9-5.

“Working as a ‘sales negotiator’ means I do very little and get paid at the same time. When I’m at home I have to move a bit and spend less time on social media.

“Being in work is complete chill. The only positive of being off is that I don’t have to wear my cheap polyester work clothes, so I sweat less.”

Theresa continued: “Sometimes when I’m in work people want to see a property so I have to drive there and open the doors. They ask me questions about leaseholds, freeholds, service charges and schools but I don’t need to know that rubbish and usually the owner is around to help.

“When I’m at home I have to go places with the kids or keep them ‘entertained’. It’s stressful and I have to work harder but with no commission.

“People get all concerned about nurses but they don’t think of property salespeople and the time off they’re forced to take. It’s disgusting.”