Verdi’s has responded to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridges visit to Joe’s Ice Cream Parlour by stating that they prefer Meghan anyway.

The popular Knab Rock restaurant made the remark after being overlooked by the royal couple despite being ‘right next-f**king-door’ to Mumbles Pier.

Staff member Pete Bowen said: “It’s great that Kate and Will paid a visit to a local business, but we can help but wonder why they’d choose one with the view of a Co-op and not one with a view across the bay.

“Maybe they weren’t aware of our heart shaped wafers. Or maybe they just lack the creativity of Meghan and prefer the rectangular ones in Joes. Maybe that’s why Meghan guest edited Vogue and Kate didn’t.

“They can tell Uncle Andrew we serve pizza too in case he ever needs a convenient alibi.”

Royal spokesperson Theresa Connell said: “Unfortunately the Duke and Duchess were on a tight schedule and we can’t visit every business.

“Kate did comment that she preferred the M&S food in Fforesfach though.”