An 8 year old in a Swansea primary school was sent home from class this morning for dressing up as an Amazon Kindle for World Book Day.

The child, who wobbled into the playground covered in Amazon cardboard boxes fashioned into a tablet like device, was downloaded from class and tossed into a recycle bin by headteacher Pete Bowen for ‘failing to enter the spirit of the day’.

Mr Bowen said: “I’m no Book Day pedant. Every year I allow children to be dressed in those awful Elsa from Frozen outfits for example, which has a loose-at-best reference to a book from the 1800s that none of them have read and is actually just Disney nonsense.

“Dressing up as a device for reading books on however isn’t quite in keeping with a day celebrating literature.

“The point of the day is for children to dress up as a character from a physical book, they can be make believe characters like Jesus, or the Gruffalo, but not any old random outfit.”

Parent at the school Theresa Connell said: “I thought it was a great idea for Fancy Dress Day or whatever it’s called.

“There were children dressed as Harry Potter characters and Harry Potter is a series of films, a Kindle is at least a type of book.”