Marco Pierre White has admitted that he’s finally achieved his lifetime ambition of opening a restaurant near to St Thomas.

White, who is opening his Steakhouse, Bar & Grill in SA1 this summer, has restaurants in a range of different locations which he says have all been ‘part of a plan’ to eventually open a venue near to the Cape Horner.

MPW restaurants spokesperson Pete Bowen said: “Marco has worked hard his whole life to achieve what he’s always called his ‘St Thomas dream’, having to graft as a chef to start to save up enough money to move to SA1.

“Eventually he was able to open restaurants and a build a chain, but he’s had to open them in places like London and Bath before being able to get to where he really wanted to be.

“He’s famous for having a temper, but he’s been frustrated his whole life for not being east of the River Tawe, and that’s the real reason why he made Gordon Ramsay cry once.”

Bowen added: “Marco often talks fondly of the area, particularly how it’s one of the last parts of civilisation you see before entering Neath.”