Trading Standards has reported a sharp rise in businesses across Swansea selling toilet paper which has passed its sell by date, we can exclusively reveal.

The news comes following a splurge of visits to retailers who are reported to be exploiting consumers who are hoping that stockpiling toilet paper will stop the spread of the virus.

Trading Standards Officer Pete Bowen said: “This is a worrying trend. We’re used to calls about out of date meat, fake designer clothing and low purity cocaine, but this is new.

“We’re asking customers to be diligent when purchasing toilet paper and make the appropriate checks to use by dates.

“One of the shops we visited in Swansea east had toilet paper which had expired in 2016. A lot of these business owners don’t care about people’s welfare and are just looking to make money by exploiting the panic.”

Shopper Theresa Connell said: “I’ve been offered knock off toilet paper in the pub and I’ve seen the out of date stuff in the local shop.

“You have to be really careful but I’m managing to build my toilet paper fort bit by bit and eventually that’ll protect me from the germs.”