Swansea’s own William Wallace type heroes spent yesterday queuing for a KFC to show Covid-19 who’s boss.

The members of public, some rumoured to have jobs and families, poured towards Morfa Retail Park upon hearing the fast food restaurant would open its depressing little drive-thru windows for the first time in six weeks.

Cwmbwrla resident Pete Bowen said: “We made a bit of a fun game out of blocking a road to a supermarket, hospital and a major pharmacy by saying we’re off for a Kentucky Fried Covid!

“I came up with that one. I’ve also come up with similar one-liners before like “it’s just a flu” and “heroin isn’t that addictive”.”

Uplands resident Theresa Connell said: “People saying it wasn’t an ‘essential journey’ are the type of people who think vaccines don’t cause autism or who think you should wash your hands after just a piss.

“There was a sign there which said to ‘turn left for KFC’ but I’m thick as f**k and ended up turning right, but I’ll be back tomorrow early before any annoying ambulances make loads of noise and make us pull over for them to pass.”

Port Tennant man Rob Gray added: “Swansea Bay has one of the worst number of per capita cases in Britain. It’s killed loads of people and sucked up resources for cancer treatments and things.

“No one has said KFC isn’t a cure for it though so I was there. I seen one of the boys from football too so we had a hug and a chat and I’m still alive so what’s the problem?”