A family who travelled to visit Caswell beach were horrified to discover that a family had travelled to visit Caswell beach during lockdown.

Dunvant couple Pete Bowen and Theresa Connell headed to the beach with their two children yesterday, but couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw the Gray family from Tycoch parking up and using the beach as if coronavirus wasn’t a thing.

Pete said: “We call Caswell our ‘second home’ as we’re there so much all year round. We have a dog and he loves to run around the beach in winter, knocking children over and defecating everywhere. It’s handy for us because we can either leave his shit on the beach or bag it up and throw it into the rocks, like nature’s bin.

“We’d seen people had been visiting beaches in England so thought we’d head to Caswell for a bit. The car parks closed but that’s fine because regulars like us can park on the double yellows by the toilets.

“We hadn’t long got out of the car when we saw a family parking up, on double yellow lines may I add, then strolling down to the beach with a bucket and spade as if these aren’t the unprecedented times people keep mentioning in my work emails.”

Theresa said: “The levels of disrespect shown by these people is scandalous.

“I felt like shouting ‘this isn’t England you know, we have our own rules in Wales’, but these people are so ignorant about what essential travel is it’d just falls on deaf ears.”

Gray family member Rob said: “Did you see that family down the beach? Looks like they drove down too. Takes the piss.”