A sunflower from Rhossili has tested positive for coronavirus.

The sunflower, who is said to have flagrantly ignored social distancing rules, was tested after losing its ability to smell and taste the misery of people photographing their partners for Instagram.

Head of Sunflowers Pete Bowen said: “We had been worried about this particular sunflower for some time and we’d been monitoring it closely.

“We noticed that bees were avoiding it, appropriately, like the plague and while all the other little sunflowers bowed their heads at nighttime, this one stayed upright while bats feasted on it.

“I don’t know how much you know about sunflowers but this is fairly unusual sunflower activity.”

Despite the news the public have been advised it is safe to still visit the area.

Bowen added: “Some influencer picked it and took it home with her in the end.

“I was going to stop her but she’d styled herself as a sunflower with a matching yellow dress and everything. I can’t be seen to be speaking with people like that.”