A man who spent his 20s guzzling Mitsubishi ecstasy tablets is trying to show genuine disdain towards ravers in Banwen.

39 year old Planning Officer Pete Bowen read all about the gathering on a Swansea Online Facebook post and had difficulty balancing his feelings of disgust and envy in front of his family.

Bowen said: “I saw the story and out of nowhere the little voice in my head that used to tell me double drop in Escape 15 years ago came out retirement to inform me that a rave in Banwen sounds like the best idea ever.

“I read it at my in-laws so had to crush my noughties gurn demon and blurt out how irresponsible they all were and question if they knew there was a pandemic on or not.

“Either way a rave up in Banwen sounds the right kind of naughty.”

Pete’s wife Theresa said: “When he saw the story I could see the excitement in his eyes.

“You’re a father of three kids now with a responsible public sector job Pete. Time to let the ‘good old days’ go.”

Bowen added: “After everyone went to bed I put on my Weekend Offender t-shirt and fantasised about uppers in the Upper Dulais Valley.”