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SWANSEA: Middle aged man begins preparations for Radio 1’s Biggest Weekend by Googling ‘Taylor Swift sexy pics’ #BiggestWeekend

A middle aged man from Port Tennant has joined in the excitement of Radio 1’s Biggest Weekend arrival in May, by searching for rude pictures of headline act Taylor Swift online.

Divorced Housing Officer Pete Bowen, 46, was alerted to the news that Swansea had been selected to host the event by some of his younger colleagues and decided to carry out the appropriate research over his morning coffee.

Bowen said: “All the youngsters in the office were very excited this morning when the news unfolded, so I made sure I joined in because I’ll get to share a tent with one of them when the big day comes.

“I’ve heard of Noel Gallagher of course because I’d tuned into an interview he did on Radio 2 about Pink Floyd and I’m pretty sure Ed Sheeran is the chap who wrote a book about living on the streets with his cat.

“Unfortunately I’ve never heard of a ‘Taylor Swift’ and when one of the girls in the office laughed at me because I said I thought they were a really good band who play some progressive shit, I decided to look it up.”

Pete’s colleague Theresa Connell, 24, said: “We’re all really excited but it was a bit weird when Pete took a selfie with us and then posted it to his Instagram page with the hashtag #onlyasoldasthegirlsyoufeel.

“He keeps asking questions like “where will we go for pre-drinks”, at first I thought he meant just us girls, but I think he’s planning on joining us.”

Bowen added: “I didn’t find any saucy pictures because of the Council’s internet settings, but I did find Taylor and she’s just my type! She’s blonde, late 20s and clearly in need of an experienced older man.

“Taylor, if you’re reading this, I’ll be in a pink Rocha John Rocha polo shirt and standing at the front with a box of Milk Tray.”


photo credit: ChrisWarren1956 <a href=”″>Chris, ca. 2010</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a&gt; <a href=””>(license)</a&gt;

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